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ESP works so well because it was designed for higher education organizations. It brings your entire community together. And because it’s a flexible, scalable, modular system, there’s nothing you don’t need and everything you do.

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The management of an academic organization, be it college or university, needs a lot of interaction, correctness, and speed of information flow . Hence the need to build an excellent “Enterprise Student Program”. It is an integrated student affairs system ... linked to advanced administrative and academic programs. And it has everything related to admission and registration of the student. Courses, exams and grades. Attendance and absence rates.Dismissal and warning. Graduation and clearance.Dormitory COOP and summer training ...

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SIS Modules

Flexible and modular design. Allows customization, extension, plugins and tailor made features Supports multi-campuses and multi-institution deployment out of the box. Flexible deployment methods, self-hosting, cloud or software as a service (SAAS).

Multi-lingual support (English and Arabic). Total solution for education need, Student System, Automated Class Scheduling, Examination Scheduling and E-Learning all as one integrated package. Also, ERP solution, International accreditations such as ABET, and much more.

Self Services

  • Student: Access to self-manage feature of the system such as timetable, viewing enrolled courses, academic status, ifadah, system settings and change user password.
    Teacher: Access to self-manage feature of the system such as class timetable, viewing enrolled courses, system settings and change user password.


  • Courses: Access to the detail of all the course offered in a particular semester. Admin can view course timeline, view enrolled students and access to e-learning course page.
    Timetable: View master timetable, course timetable, student timetable, lecturer timetable and room timetable...

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  • Students profiles: View and update student academic profiles such as academic status, assign academic program to student, view student course progress and checklist, view student transcript and other general information

    Attendance: Manage student attendance records. Generate weekly attendance summary and statistics, identify students who has to be dismissed due to absenteeism, managing absence excuses ...

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  • Monthly Payroll generation: Generate monthly payroll and Excel file to be submitted to the bank for credit of student stipend.

    Earnings: Define earning items which can be included in payroll

    Deductions: Define deduction items which can be included in payroll. Automatic calculation of attendance penalty deduction for the specific payroll period.

    Loans: Manage student loan with the college.


  • Users: Create user account and define basic information for user such as personal information, contact information, user type, login account and bank information.

    Roles/access rights: Assign user to a specific access right in the system.

    Backup: For admin user to perform backup of the main database tables...

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Data Protection

  • ESP is safeguarding important information from corruption, compromise or loss.

    Ensuring data privacy and data management.

    Operational backup of data and business continuity/disaster recovery.

    Assuring data availability, data management and can be accessed under all circumstances.

Reports and Statistics

Generate reports and statistics in various format (PDF, Excel, HTML graph). Flexible to create custom reports, statistics as required.

E-learning & Online Tutoring

EPS makes online education possible to study or teach at the most convenient time and place for you. Alowing tutoring in an online, virtual, or networked, environment, in which teachers and learners participate from separate physical locations.

Aside from space, literature also states that participants can be separated by time. EPS can be integrated with a lot of international tutoring systems such as Zoom, WizIQ, BBB, ....etc.


Full integration with Moodle e-learning system. Single-sign-on, seamless synchronization of courses, enrollments and teacher assignment in Moodle.

Online tutoring

Integration with popular online tutoring tools such as Zoom, BigBlueButton, Wiziq for real-time video, audio streaming, whiteboard, chat via Moodle.

Security Issues

Security is always the primary concerns of any application exposed to the Internet. Nevertheless, security is a complex issue with multi-facets of factors that can have security implications to the system. In general, there are four key areas which are common cause of security breach.

Application – poorly designed application which has security flaws or loopholes that can be exploited by hackers.

Network – Insecure network connection which opens to eavesdropping

Server – Servers which are not properly configured or patched with the latest security updates that can be exploited by hackers.

User – carelessness of users such as using non-complex password, which can be easily guess by students.

At ESP, we have taken extreme precautious and recommendations so that our system is always up-to-date, and follows the best practices in industry security standard to ensure that the security of the system is not compromised. Below is the outline of our security approach to tackle the security concerns outline above.

Application Security

We choose Moodle as our application development framework and develop our application strictly based on Moodle development best practices. This will minimize any application security risks...

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Network and Server Security

We highly recommend to use 3rd party cloud hosting such as Sahara net unless if your organization has qualified resources and personnel to handle network and server security. If you do not, then it is better to let the “expert” handle the servers and network...

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Our application has the options force users to use complex password and additional security mechanism to lock account on multiple attempts of wrong login. This will ensure that the security is not compromised from the carelessness of the user... 

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Critical application components such as gradebook, grade operations, etc will have logs for all its operations. This will allow us to track changes and any potential unauthorized modification to the data.


Any application should have proper backup. We will have periodical automated backup of databases to ensure that we have proper disaster recovery plan.

ERP System

ESP Enterprise Resource Planning system is a web based, presents a centralized easy way to link and control human resources, accounting, stores managements and more. It is suitable for small and medium size. ESP ERP adopts the international standards and specialized for the Arab Region.

ERP systems contain dashboards where you can look at real-time data collected from all across the business to measure productivity and profitability.


ESP Accounting module: designed to simplify and automate manual financial management processes and improve the accessibility, accuracy, and timeliness of financial data. It manages and controls organization’s vital activities. It covers Purchase Orders, Goods Receivable Notes, Supplier Invoices/Credit Notes, Payments, Allocations, Accounts Payable, Items and Inventory, Stock, Fixed Asset, Customer Invoices/Credit Notes, Deposits, Allocations, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger with Budget, Currencies, ... and more.

HR System

ESP-HR Human Resource Management module: designed to simplify and automate all procedures and transactions related to employees. It plans, directs and coordinates all the administrative functions in your organization. It manages and controls organization’s vital human resources activities such as storing employee data, managing payrolls (salaries, benefits, vacations, etc.), and keeping track of attendance records. It allows employees to apply for vacations, track their salaries and benefits, labor hours, schedules, and evaluate their information.


ESP inventory management system oversee the monitoring and maintenance of stocked products, whether those products are company assets, raw materials and supplies, or finished products. It tracks items and efficiently manage the flow of materials, coordinate internal activities and communicate with customers

Automatic scheduling

Enterprise Student Program (ESP) integrates seamlessly with our 3rd party partner automatic scheduling programs, Timetable Plus. Timetable Plus provides various solutions at the right time to overcome the scheduling problems in a more accurate, less time consuming, flexible & userfriendly manner.

The main products, Timetable Plus Class and Timetable Plus Exam are industry acclaimed solutions that have proven track record of generating class schedule and examination schedule for more than 50 institutions.

Timetable Plus Class

Timetable Plus Class is a class scheduling software which has track record in the market being used with over 50 colleges, polytechnics and universities. Developed in 2007, Timetable Plus Class has matured over the time based on recommendations and input by all timetable stakeholders who has been using the system for more than 13 years. It provides advance class scheduling algorithm, multiple constraints support, flexible and intuitive design to cater for all scheduling requirements...

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Timetable Plus Examination

Timetable Plus Exam is a complete timetable solution dedicated to solve complexity of the exam scheduling. It has proven record of successful usage in many colleges with student ranging from 1000 to 15000. With all the Advance Features offered in Timetable Plus Exam, user needs less than 1 day to generate and produce quality clash free examination for entire university which will include all the examination, students and proctors/invigilators timetables... 

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Academic Programs

Education institutions can be accredited by several accreditation bodies, which requires compliance with a number of standards. Moreover, many institutions have their own quality assurance requirements. Monitoring student’s admission, registration, learning process, graduation, faculty hiring, credentialing, scheduling, evaluation, course and program changes, all at the same time, can be difficult without the proper systems and tools in place.

Education operations are complex, fast, time lined, and interwind. Without the right systems, processes, and tools, institutions may be at risk of accreditation problems, compliance challenges, and overall quality assurance matters. Our integrated academic solutions afford you control, accuracy, flexibility, timeliness, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Assessment and Accreditation Management System (AAMS) – Eduval Partner

Outcomes assessment and program reviews are important accreditation standards and key elements of the institutional quality assurance system. Track outcomes assessment, evaluate course and program quality, and document institutional effectiveness for accreditation in one central location... 

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Curriculum and Catalogue Management System (CCMS) - Eduval Partner

Curriculum change management is a critical audit area in any higher education institution, and is a key factor in the quality assurance system of the institution. Managing your program and course updates can be a complicated process, involving lots of back and forth, paper, and inconsistent information...

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Faculty and Course Credentialing System (FCCS) - Eduval Partner

Faculty qualifications is an important accreditation standard and a key element of the institutional quality assurance system. The Faculty Management system enables education institutions to maintain records of faculty members’...

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Electronic Syllabus System (ESS) - Eduval Partner

Syllabus inconsistencies is one of the most common points in accreditation visits. If curriculum changes are not coordinated with the course syllabus, students will end up with a different learning experience than what is intended...

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Faculty Annual Evaluation and Promotion (FAES) - Eduval Partner

Tracking, managing, and reporting faculty annual activities is a tremendous task. Faculty members teach, advice, research, and deliver service to their colleges, universities, and community. Faculty members usually report professional development, community outreach activities, extracurricular activities, and other activities. All of this has an impact on faculty annual evaluation and promotion in rank...

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Faculty Recruitment and Hiring (FRHS) - Eduval Partner

Faculty recruitment is a long process. In addition to tracking, managing, and shortlisting CVs, candidates usually go through a credentialing check, number of interviews, and specific academic reviews. FRHS streamline the process and save you time by running some of these process in parallel. FRHS acts as a document and communication repository between the university and the candidate. Candidates are ranked and selected based on the specified criteria.

Strategic Planning Tracking System SPTS - Eduval Partner

Planning and performance monitoring are interconnected and essential functions in today’s organizational environment. SPTS allows the organization to plan, execute, and monitor each unit and each individual performance against KPIs and goals...

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System that administrators love.

An intuitive and powerful interface that requires little training and ensures that work gets done quickly.

Teachers Role

Perfect way to guide and keep track of your teachers, the subjects they teach, and the students and classes they run. You can use it throughout your ESP system to make changes to groups within your academic structure, add students to sets or subjects, and maintain lists of all your subjects and departments. It’s easy to move students from set to set too, and then let subject teachers, department heads and students know of any changes by automatic email. You will also find the module contains useful tools for creating set sizes and synchronising timetables.

Multi Role Access

EPS offers many roles and access rights, so every option can be accessed by authorized personnel. Auditing of important options is available as well.

Keep all your students informed

Through Student Portal students are able to view and print their timetables, see their teaching groups and read their own reports and assessment data.

Students Role

Through Student Portal students are able to view and print their timetables, see their teaching groups and read their own reports and assessment data. Setting up their account is quick and simple and the whole module is easy to navigate for information and news from other ESP modules. They can fill their own IBAN number. Every action is logged and you can customise the module to your college’s own specification. They can see their attendance and registration information and details of detention or reward and conduct records, and check on their groups and events too. The module also covers exams, with entries, timetables and results available for both internal and external examinations.

Keep Parents and Guardians Updated

keep all parents and guardians constantly updated on the data your college holds on their child – creating excellent communication

Parents Role

Everything you need to keep all parents and guardians constantly updated on the data your college holds on their child – creating excellent communication, providing extensive information and giving them constant peace of mind. ESP provides quick and easy access to everything parents need to know about their child’s college life, including attendance records, exam results, reward and detention notifications, reports and assessments, timetables, college news and more. You can customise the module to your own college’s style and content, and every action is logged. Once it’s set up it needs hardly any maintenance.

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